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Rusty Hix first developed a love of travel and adventure when he accompanied his family across the United States as a young boy. As he matured into a young man, Rusty began traveling internationally to feed his curiosity for understanding the world’s greatest mysteries. From hiking in national parks to caving in foreign countries, Hix’s fascinating stories detail unforgettable adventures in Cancun, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, China, Easter Island, Finland, and many other locations.

In sometimes irreverent prose, Hix chronicles his not-so-typical travel tales of helicoptering over the geothermal areas of New Zealand; zip-lining, kayaking, and whitewater rafting in Costa Rica; and visiting pagodas, Buddhist temples, and the Great Wall in China. He also describes many of the wild experiences that include a panda sitting on his lap, vertical caving, sky diving, climbing the world’s highest structure, and a serious car accident that nearly cost him his life. Hix also details the food, customs and behavior of people within a variety of cultures along with vivid descriptions of the scenery where it all takes place.

No Adventure Too Ridiculous is a colorful celebration of one man’s escapades as he explores far-flung places on a legendary and sometimes farcical journey around the world.